The Brief:
To create a unique and interesting bandanna design to be released for Bandanna Day 2023, celebrating Canteen Aotearoa’s 35th anniversary.
The design is to be appealing to all individuals and for the bandana to be a memorable one. Two different coloured options (one with lighter pastel colours and the other with bolder brighter colours) are to be used so people have a choice.
The bandana style to reflect an 80s theme, with bright, happy colours, because that was the decade when Canteen Aotearoa was formed. So for the 35th Anniversary we thought this would be fitting. We want this bandana to be remembered as a vibrant and unique Canteen bandana design.
The Logo:
Created to match the look and feel of the Canteen brand, the "35 Years" logo brings a fun yet coherent feel to celebrating the milestone.
The Bandana Designs:
The retro designs for the bandanas were drawn up by one of the team at Canteen, Tui. Turning them into a digital design and coloring was where I came in.
The Final Designs:
Introducing Canteen's 35th Birthday Bandana Designs - the 2023 Retro Bandana, in fabulous purple and green, pink and orange! This design throws it back to a 'groovier' time, while maintaining a modern flair. 
Canteen provides a wide range of free support services to help the youth of Aotearoa manage the specific challenges that come along with cancer.
Every gift to Canteen helps provide a safe space for rangatahi impacted by cancer to connect, share the tough stuff, and get a break from cancer. Your donations are vital as they receive no direct government funding.
No matter how you choose to support Canteen, you will be providing life-changing support to rangatahi impacted by cancer across Aotearoa.​​​​​​​ One of these ways is by purchasing one of these bananas for Bandana Day 2023, Friday 1st September 2023.

*Please note, Canteen updated their branding after these were created. All logos and colours used in this presentation are copyright of Canteen Arotearoa and have been used in line with their brand guidelines.
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